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Office 365 and SharePoint is a vast ecosystem. Microsoft is constantly using applications to enrich the private network experience. SharePoint’s focus is to build Add-ins and customize SharePoint to your needs. Our expertise with SharePoint goes back to its inception.

SharePoint builds compelling private networks with SharePoint with quick turnaround times. Our expertise includes building simple as well as complex private networks ensuring information dissemination, content discovery, and creating a sense of community and collaboration for your organization. From content management, search and building custom Intranet sites and applications, our experts can accomplish and guide the vision of your SharePoint implementation and push it through to completion.

We enhance your organization’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) through proper implementation and configuration of SharePoint’s document management capabilities. Reduce your risk by presenting the most current version of documents to the right people at the right time ensuring true collaboration. We work extensively to build client-side extensions, and connect to remotely hosted services. Our experts specialize in eventing technologies by using TypeScript, Visual Studio Code, Angular JS, Node JS and React.

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