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Technology Roadmapping Is Step One

Rely on BedriSystems to create the best plan for your IT infrastructure. Working closely with you along the way, we strategically and practically help you determine the sequential steps for maximizing your infrastructure, integrate the technologies that will have the most impact, and set up result-producing practices. Our distinct capabilities help us understand emerging data center technologies, which includes the Cloud’s evolving benefits and challenges. We help you tap into opportunities the Cloud presents for your unique business requirements.

We’re proud to say that very few technology firms in the country can do what we do. And because we know you have invested so much into your current environment, resources and talent, we are careful and strive for optimal total cost of ownership (TCO).

“BedriSystems roadmap saved us over $1.2 million dollars!”

Chief Information Officer, International real-estate firm

BedriSystems’ Proven System

BedriSystems helps you achieve your key business goals by developing short and long-term plans. The process involves a powerful IT Efficiency Analysis and Assessment based on your company’s current and future objectives and gives you an immediate grasp of your strengths and weaknesses, covering every major function across the data center.

With that we will be equipped to advise you on a proper roadmap that significantly improves data availability, recovery, security and management. BedriSystems then leads your organization through the implementation steps, ensuring a smooth transition. BedriSystems’s Technology Roadmap Services can be tailored to the exact needs and technical requirements of your unique project.

Our Roadmap Services include:

Selection, Architecture & Implementation of Optimal Technology

  • We carefully review your IT architecture strengths and weaknesses
  • We propose the selection and implementation process to reduce costs while increasing overall performance and reliability
  • Assess the current IT environment
  • Evaluate specific technology requirements based on company goals and IT demands
  • Create a detailed Road Map which includes proposed hardware, software and timeline of implementation
  • Track and report to you the status of the project

Technology Update and Centralizing Assessment

  • Assess current IT infrastructure and create a technology roadmap to update and consolidate redundant technologies (We focus on dramatically reducing ongoing maintenance costs while increasing performance and reliability)
  • Conduct a thorough IT inventory and carefully document IT environment
  • Create a Roadmap including required hardware, software and implementation timeline
  • Manage, track and report on project on a timely basis

IT Transformation Assessment

  • Evaluate the latest Virtualization, Private Cloud and Public Cloud architectures and technologies to reduce costs, increase agility and provide on-demand computing
  • Conduct discovery on current IT environment and processes to assess Virtualization/Cloud readiness
  • Evaluate Virtualization & Cloud options (private, public or hybrid) based on discovery and business goals and objectives
  • Develop Road Map including required hardware, software, third party services, IT processes and transformation timeline
  • Manage, track and report on project
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