“Awesome team! They were able to get our compliance issues under control within 6 months. The team’s expert use of SCCM reduced our exceptions down to less than 1% from a very high percentage level. I would highly recommend BedriSystems to anyone.”

Mark Shackelford, IT Manager, ABB



As experts in providing powerful services and solutions for your business, we work closely with Microsoft and other industry leaders to help you maximize productivity and time savings using Microsoft Systems Center solutions such as SCCM, SCOM and SCORCH, and Cloud Solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 and Windows Intune. We also design and implement application packaging services and App-v sequencing in addition to Windows OS migration initiatives.

In short, get effective solutions for complex problems.

  • Dramatic time savings.
  • Up to 50% or more in cost cutting.
  • Confidence that your systems are secure and working at full capacity.

The BedriSystems Team Advantage

  • Around the clock help from technology specialists that know your problems inside and out.
  • Reliable security for your business that works for you 24 / 7 / 365 and improves constantly.
  • Simple solutions for complex problems, that save time and money for your team.

BedriSystems Services

  • System Center Consulting and Management

    What system is right for your growing business? Now and in the future? This can be confusing and time consuming. BedriSystems’ expertise takes the sting out of this process. Using our proven methodology in creating solutions and project delivery, expect a smooth, seamless, and complete experience with us.
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  • Technology Roadmapping

    One of BedriSystems strengths is mastering ever-changing technology to best anticipate and thoroughly meet the needs of your business. From Systems Configuration to Cloud and beyond, BedriSystems will develop forward-thinking roadmaps to keep you on track and help you and your team achieve its business goals.
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  • Virtual Team

    Our leadership makes the difference. With our extensive expertise, we become a vital part of your team. Expect our technology specialists to provide you with the daily management and training your staff needs to effectively master technology. We become your 24/7 on-call IT team that never takes a day off.
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  • Desktop Managed Services

    BedriSystems can manage your IT through the cloud using software and tools that will save your staff time and maximize their productivity while managing costs. BedriSystems DMS provides a simple, fast and reliable virtual desktop performance.
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  • Training

    Experts at BedriSystems can provide the training your staff needs to operate at their highest level. Whether it’s basic company system training, specific software training or complex system training, BedriSystems meets the needs you have. Come to our office and utilize our Training Center, or let us greet you online through a specially designed Webinar.
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People achieving amazing efficiencies with Bedri Systems

“There was nothing we could stump him with on the challenges we posed to him for getting this migration completed. I would say his knowledge of System Center Configuration Manager is definitely expert level. We also appreciated Sam's professionalism, responsiveness and attention to detail. He was always available for assistance with the many random questions we continued to throw at him. He even drove up to our Head Quarters building in another state just for a one-day meeting! As a Systems Administrator in the industry for almost 6 years now, I highly recommend Sam for anyone looking for his services."- Jason Bradfield


“ BedriSystems are experienced SCCM Architects. They consistently works extra hours as needed to keep the infrastructure running smoothly. I would recommend Sam and his team to anyone needing SCCM expertise. They were architects and senior leads in keeping our deployment system running smoothly. If you needed help or had questions BedriSystems experts would take the necessary time to help and assure you understood.”- Tom Holland


“BedriSystems personnel are very hard working knowledgeable individuals. They have a strong background/skill set dealing with an SCCM environment. They would be a good fit in any organization. ”- Freddie King, MS


“I had worked with BedriSystems at ConocoPhilips on a SMS migration project. Sam and his team are very knowledgeable in their expertise of SMS and SCCM. They are detail oriented, easy to work with and great at assisting where needed. I am looking forward to work with BedriSystems again if the chance arises.”- Howard Magill, ConocoPhillips, Founder and CEO of Road Map Technologies LLC – Application Integration

“ Sam Bedri and his amazing team of IT experts really deliver on what they promise - outstanding, practical training along with dramatic cost and time reductions with IT Service while significantly increasing productivity."-Tim Redmond

“We partnered with Bedri on a couple projects that all went quite well. The customers were happy with the technical work and I enjoyed working with their consultants."-Scott Cameron


“I could always depend on BedriSystems to convert problems into resolutions and to accurately report on deliverables. Sam and his team are always focused on technical issues until a resolution was reached, and as an added bonus, they are nice people who are very pleasant to work with.”- Andy Dail.Williams Communications, Managing Consultant, Americas at HP Enterprise Security Services

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