Cute, but likely dangerous.

It’s amazing to me how many companies invest a lot of capital on great software and infrastructure, but then can’t capitalize on the investment because they don’t prioritize what makes it all worth it: user training.  It’s like giving the car keys to a kindergartener and being surprised when they can’t get the Ferrari out of the garage.

A friend of mine worked in marketing at a successful publishing house and never received any instruction on the company’s key ERP system, which she used all the time.  She said she was constantly surprised when she learned there were new features that could have helped her do her job better for years.  And was always amazed that no one in the company really knew, or that she was never informed. Or that there was an IT guy that knew but didn’t think anyone cared because no one ever used it.

Sadly, this scenario happens in busy companies all the time.  But not on my watch.  Bedrisystems moved its offices recently so that this wouldn’t happen.  Not only will we train the employees in the companies we service, our goal is to offer a schedule of training classes and courses on a regular basis for groups that need a brush up or full training on Microsoft products and more.  Don’t have a specific date yet, but stay tuned for the schedule. And feel free to contact me if your team needs some specialized training. 

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