I LOVE Tulsa! I was raised here.  I went to TU (Go Hurricanes!) I started and raised my family here. And I founded Bedrisystems here too.  I love the Tulsa way of life: the people, the Barbeque, the plains, and the lakes! And especially, I love our new Gathering Place….

Because of all this, I can’t think of any better perk at work than being able to help Tulsa companies grow and better compete in the marketplace. Before we opened, most Tulsa companies had to look to much larger, far-away, markets for the kind of IT services and enterprise solutions Bedrisystems specializes in.  

Since we opened in 2012, we’ve helped some of Tulsa’s largest and smallest companies compete on the highest level — from General IT services, Email and file sharing to security compliance, Disaster Recovery (DR) and cloud solutions. That list of enterprise level services and solutions has been something only large companies could afford, but we can now offer it to your small business at a small business price to help you compete and advance. The rest is up to you.  

I read this article and knew I wanted to share it.  (https://smallbiztrends.com/2015/05/advantages-of-being-a-small-business.html)  I’ve learned there’s no disadvantage to being small.  It just raises different kinds of opportunity.

You take care of business, we take care of your IT.

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