If you work in an Office 365 environment, you know the advantages.  The reliability, the flexibility, the intuitive design and unflinching performance of every piece of software from Excel to Azure.  

But what you might not yet know about, that makes this platform so exciting,  are the add-in applications that work with Office 365 that will take your company from also-ran to category leader.

Check out this link. https://bit.ly/2twN6zk.

From improving company-wide communication to managing projects, these apps work in harmony with Office 365 to make maximize your effectiveness.  Award-winning email management apps such as Boomerang and Yesware make communication with your customers a snap. Make your meetings more productive with the Decisions Meeting Secretary app.  No one likes to waste time in pointless meetings, and this app will help you prevent the mistake most of your competitors are making.

Best news is you can test them out before you buy, and if they work, it’s a simple, quick process to getting your system and everyone up to speed. 

Contact us if you’re interested in learning about the options that will make your business run more smoothly.  We’re here to help!

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