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Managed Services: Your IT Virtual Team

Small business owners and their teams frequently get overwhelmed with keeping up with the massive changes in technology. Their heavy administrative burden and the ongoing costs of IT support and maintenance can make them feel powerless.

BedriSystems Managed Services is your solution! We take great delight in taking the administrative burden off your shoulders while significantly increasing the effectiveness of your IT environment and reducing the ongoing costs of IT support and maintenance.

We solve your support issues quickly across all the Microsoft technologies we support. The more you deploy Microsoft technologies, the more benefit we can help you achieve. BedriSystems Managed Services provides you results like few others can in the entire world.

We also offer proactive monitoring, available support 24/7 – 365 days a year, and skilled management of recurring administration and Level 2/3 support requests by our Microsoft certified consultants for your on-premises, hybrid and cloud environments.


Modernizing Your Business

Be productive anywhere you go

Engage fully into today’s interconnected technology, using any device anywhere securely and effectively.

You need the freedom to work effectively and securely, wherever you are. Empower your team to meet online and work together from anywhere on shared projects. Remotely access files and customer information. Easily manage a range of devices. Microsoft’s trusted productivity solutions, with enterprise-grade protection built-in, provide a familiar mobile experience across your business applications and devices.




Online meetings with your customers made easy



Cloud hosted email solution means you


Disasters can hit anytime, is your business ready?

Microsoft Azure is a flexible cloud platform that helps you grow your business with greater efficiency and be more responsive to change. Your business critical data is easily backed up to the cloud and restored with Azure Backup – providing scalable, secure backup services with up to 99 years of data retention for legal compliance.


Enterprise-grade protection anywhere you do business

Missing mobile devices can result in lost company files. Malicious hackers or malware can disrupt business and steal critical data. Systems can go down unexpectedly. Microsoft technologies have protections – built-in – to help safeguard data across devices and apps, onsite or in the cloud; help you recover from business disruptions; and make compliance easier. You don’t have to buy anything extra. With BedriSystems and Microsoft, security is just there.

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