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“We complement your team to unlock System Center’s true potential for your organization – expect huge results.”

System Center Consulting

Trying to make the Systems Center work smoothly can be a frustrating experience. Don’t risk your future with a group of outsiders who promise much but only deliver partial solutions and documentation that is impossible to understand.

With BedriSystems on your team, you can leap frog the frustrations and see immediate results when they help you implement and maximize the System Center. As businesses large and small have experienced, the BedriSystems team works closely with you throughout the whole process – from planning to detailed documentation. Expect big results and a smooth process in maximizing your System Center.

As one of BedriSystems Consulting Group’s core values, we become an intricate part of your team to ensure the implementation is successful the first time around. We take the next step in making sure your team has their questions answered throughout the process. The BedriSystems Consulting Group takes pride in meeting your specific needs and providing tangible value your organization requires regardless of your current resources and skillsets.

Virtual Team

“Ensure the health and stability of your System Center environment with BedriSystems Managed Services.”

Because of widespread adoption and complexity of the System Center, countless organizations face the challenge of hiring and retaining qualified administrators who can properly utilize this powerful unified management platform. We are your solution.

As a Microsoft National Systems Integrator and the leading Microsoft Systems Management Partner, Bedri Systems is the perfect partner to fill the gap, reduce the ongoing administrative burden and maximize your System Center investments with a predictable monthly operating expense.

BedriSystems is a Microsoft National Systems Integrator and the leading Microsoft Systems Management Partner. That makes us the perfect partner to make the implementation and ongoing management of the Systems Center as easy and effective as possible. Expect great reductions in your ongoing administrative burden. Also expect reduced costs, a predictable monthly operating expense and a high ROI on your System Center investments.

BedriSystems Managed Services for System Center are designed to perform the daily tasks required to keep these tools fine-tuned to your changing environment.
PLEASE NOTE! Under a single contract for BedriSystems Managed Services, you have access to our team for all supported Microsoft technologies. That’s our promise to you. Implement new technology and you are covered under a single contract with a single monthly invoice.

Road Mapping

Rely on BedriSystems to create the best plan for your IT infrastructure.  Working closely with you along the way, we strategically and practically help you determine the sequential steps for maximizing your infrastructure, integrate the technologies that will have the most impact, and set up result-producing practices. Like few available anywhere, we understand emerging data center technologies, which includes the Cloud’s evolving benefits and challenges. We help you tap opportunities it presents for your unique business requirements.

BedriSystems Technology Roadmap Services help you achieve your key business goals by developing short and long term plans. Our powerful IT Efficiency Analysis and Assessment gives an immediate grasp on your strengths and weaknesses covering every major function across the data center. From that we will be equipped to advise you on a proper roadmap that significantly improves data availability, recovery, security and management.  Because you have invested so much into your current environment, resources and talent, we are careful and strive for optimal total cost of ownership (TCO). 

Patching & Compliance

Architectural ExperienceBroad Architectural Experience and Deep Product Expertise

BedriSystems develops and implements a thorough, highly effective IT infrastructure roadmap for each valued client. The process involves a powerful technology analysis based on your company’s current and future objectives. BedriSystems then identifies the most appropriate technology roadmap and leads your organization through the implementation steps, ensuring a smooth transition. BedriSystems’s Technology Roadmap Services can be tailored to the exact needs and technical requirements of your unique project. Our Roadmap Services include:

Technology SelectionSelection, Architecture & Implementation of Optimal Technology

We carefully review your IT architecture strengths and weaknesses and propose the selection and implementation process to reduce costs while increasing overall performance and reliability.Assess the current IT environment

  • Evaluate specific technology requirements based on company goals and IT demands
  • Create a detailed Road Map which includes proposed hardware, software and timeline of implementation
  • Track and report to you the status of the project

Technology RefreshTechnology Update and Centralizing Assessment

Assess current IT infrastructure and create a technology roadmap to update and consolidate redundant technologies. We focus on dramatically reducing ongoing maintenance costs while increasing performance and reliability.

  • Conduct a thorough IT inventory and carefully document IT environment
  • Create a Roadmap including required hardware, software and implementation timeline
  • Manage, track and report on project on a timely basis

IT TransformationIT Transformation Assessment

Evaluate the latest Virtualization, Private Cloud and Public Cloud architectures and technologies to reduce costs, increase agility and provide on-demand computing.

  • Conduct discovery on current IT environment and processes to assess Virtualization/Cloud readiness
  • Evaluate Virtualization & Cloud options (private, public or hybrid) based on discovery and business goals and objectives
  • Develop Road Map including required hardware, software, third party services, IT processes and transformation timeline
  • Manage, track and report on project

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